Vera Čejkovska, Lazo Pekevski, Dragana Černih


A b s t r a c t: Тhe source mechanism of the earthquake occurred on September 1, 1994, with local magnitude ML = 5.2, in the Bitola region in the south-western part of the Republic of Macedonia, was studied in details. The studies included P-nodal planes determination for the earthquake, synthesizing of P-wave traces with the two P-nodal planes taken separately as fault planes, locating of adjacent earthquakes, as well as a comparison of all the obtained results with the results of the previous macroseismic studies of the earthquake and the neotectonic conditions in the Bitola region. A normal left-lateral fault striking toward WNW was confirmed as a source mechanism of the earthquake. That fault can be associated with the neotectonic Pelister fault, the last being the northern border of the mountain Baba.


earthquake source mechanism; dislocation model; synthetic seismogram

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