Marjan Kiprijanovski, Vjekoslav Tanaskovic, Sonja Bojkovska


The paper presents results of the investigations of the influence of various mulching and covering materials in orchard tree-row on soil characteristics (temperature and moisture) and tree behavior (growth, yield and fruit quality) of Bartlet pear grafted on a quince rootstock. The experimental orchard was established with planting distance 3.2 m × 1.3 m and irrigated with drip irrigation system. The soil surface between the rows was maintained by grassing. The follow mulching materials were used as treatments: straw, conifer sawdust, peat, black plastic foil, cloth of polyester fabric (geotextile). Clean cultivation was used as a control treatment. The obtained results indicated that mulching material has effect on reduction of the soil temperature during summer as well as improvement of soil water conservation. Mulching of the soil improved vegetative growth of the trees, yield, and fruit quality of Bartlet pear.


pear; mulching materials; water conservation; growth; yield

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