Mitko Kostadinovski, Renata Ćušterevska, Vlado Matevski


The horological data for two new plant species of the flora of the Republic of Macedonia are presented - Anisantha
diandra (Roth) Tutin and Ochlopoa infirma (Kunth) H. Scholz (Poaceae). The species Anisantha diandra is
registered in several localities in the Republic of Macedonia (Skopje, Ohrid, Tetovo), while the species Ochlopoa infirma
was found only in the vicinity of Bogdanci. A short description is given of the differential morphological
characteristics of both species, as well as the habitats to which they are registered. Both species can be considered as
native autochthonous for the flora of the Republic of Macedonia.


Anisantha diandra, Ochlopoa infirma, Poaceae, Flora, Distribution, Republic of Macedonia

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