Ana Selamovska, Elizabeta Miskoska-Milevska, Olga Najdenovska


In this paper, we present the results of the phenological characteristics (flowering and ripening time), fruit characteristics (fruit mass, length, width and hardness, length of fruit stalk, number of seeds in fruit, fruit colour and taste and content of stone cells) and chemical characteristics of fruits (soluble dry matter, total sugar and total acids) of 7 traditional pear varieties (Carigradsko avche, Evropsko avche, Letna kajkushka, Karamanka, Vodenka, Zimnica and Zimska kajkushka) in the Skopje region. In the Skopje region, the analyzed pear varieties start to flower in the first decade of April. The pear variety Carigradsko avche flowered at the earliest and Zimnica at the latest. According to the ripening time, the varieties Carigradsko avche, Evropsko avche, Letna kajkushka and Karamanka are summer pear varieties, Vodenka is an autumn variety, Zimnica and Zimska kajkushka are winter varieties. The pear Zimnica had the biggest fruits. The pears Carigradsko avche, Evropsko avche, Karamanka and Vodenka had long fruit stalks. Only the variety Zimska kajkushka contains high quantity of seeds in the fruits. The highest quality fruits, juicy, with very fine to excellent taste, are met in the pears Vodenka and Karamanka. Statistically significant differences among the examined pear varieties for all fruit characteristics were found.


pear; traditional variety; fruit characteristics; Skopje region

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