Danica Krstovska, Eden Steven, Andhika Kiswandhi, James S. Brooks


We find that the Hall effect in a single crystal of UCoGe varies as a function of the angle  between the applied magnetic field and the easy magnetic axis up to fields of 18 T at 0.2 K, i.e. in the region where both superconductivity and ferromagnetic order coexist. Instead of following the conventional cos dependence the two components that com-prise the total Hall resistance, the anomalous and ordinary Hall effect, exhibit quite an unusual behavior with the field direction. The anomalous Hall effect is found to be determined by the parallel component of the magnetization. We sug-gest that the field induced changes in magnetization due to the field rotation play an important role in the observed unu-sual behavior. The ordinary Hall effect cannot be described by the simple relation to the perpendicular component of the magnetic field implying that this component of the Hall effect may be also affected by the variations in magnetization at the characteristic field (kink field). A field induced moment polarization is also observed in Hall effect as in magnetore-sistance, which advances previous findings in UCoGe. The Hall effect slope reverses sign at the kink field indicative of small but possible Fermi surface reconstruction around this field. Our findings show that in UCoGe multiple mecha-nisms contribute to the observed field induced moment polarization at the kink field.


superconductivity; ferromagnetism; uranium compound; UCoGe; anomalous Hall effect; ordinary Hall effect; kink field; field induced moment polarization; Fermi surface

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20903/csnmbs.masa.2014.35.2.56


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