Dzoko Kungulovski, Natalija Atanasova-Pancevska


In this study the antimicrobial activity of a mixture of plant extracts originating from five different plants and suspended in three different forms of gel, cream and lotion was examined with the purpose of discovering new anti-microbial compounds. The antimicrobial activity was investigated through the standard disc diffusion method, as well as through a variation of the microdillution method. The formulations under examination (gel, cream and lotion) showed a broad spectrum of action against all the selected microorganisms, with inhibition zones of 9–46 mm. The minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) for all the formulations against the microorganisms in the study was in the range of 0.000761μg ml-1 to 0.125μg ml-1. The results of this study have clearly demonstrated that the mixture of plant extracts originating from five different plants and suspended in the forms of gel, cream and lotion can definitely be used in the battle against the microorganisms under investigation.


antimicrobial activity; plant extracts; disk-diffusion method; microdilution method

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