Gordana Lukić


A b s t r a c t: The sensitivity of different Barber filters is investigated. It has been found that the sensitivity depends on the orders of the filters and on the types of the applied approximations. The sensitivity of the Barber filters does not change essentially by increasing the order of the filter, as is shown in the paper. A comparison between the sensitivity of traditional active filters of the second order and Barber filters of the second order is presented. Taken into consideration is the transfer function sensitivity with respect to time constant T because the value of the time constant is the most unstable quantity. The advantage of the Barber filters is obvious in sensitivity, especially for Barber bandpass filters. Because of their low sensitivity Barber filters are very suitable to use in moving objects, like aeroplanes, satellites and rockets.


sensitivity analysis; Barber filters; transfer function; approximation; modulating frequency; Barber bandpass filter; Barber lowpass filter; active bandpass filter; active lowpass filter; quality factor Q; comparision

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