Gordan S. Karaman


New data of two poorly known subterranean species of the family Niphargidae (Amphipoda Gammar-idea) from Spain are presented. Niphargus gallicus Schellenberg, 1935, known from southern France and Romania, is discovered in the subterranean waters of NE Spain and redescribed in detail. The variability of N. gallicus in Spain regarding the known taxonomical characteristics of this species from France and Roma-nia is discussed. Niphargus delamarei Ruffo, 1954, was known from France and one locality in Spain, is discovered in wells of NE Spain, and often mixed with other Niphargus species. Some taxonomical charac-teristics and variability of this species are discussed.


taxonomy; Amphipoda; Niphargidae; Niphargus gallicus; N. delamarei; Spain

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