Blagoja Markoski, Svemir Gorin


Geographical information systems as a methodology is a relatively new technology in scientific research and finding practical solutions for geographical problems. One of those problems is the complex over categorical set [1] known as environment. It is a very actual and complex problematic, hard for organizing and optimization when it has to set about the needs of humanity.
Therefore, this article deals with the application of geographic information systems as one of the latest scien-tific techniques and technologies through which one can analyze and define the most optimal solutions in terms of environmental protection and sustainable development.
The aim is to highlight the quantitative and qualitative aspects of GIS technology in function of the environ-ment on the one hand, and through concrete examples to point out to the power of these technologies in the process of finding optimal solutions. It is briefly pointed out to some general criteria that are inevitable in the process of creating databases in GIS necessary for adequate and suitable GIS analyses.


geographic information systems; environmental protection; cartographic bases; databases; GIS analysis

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