Aleksandar Markovski


The pomological characteristics of five varieties and one wild form of jujube progenies were examined in the experimental orchard of the Institute of Agriculture in Skopje during 2002–2004. The seeds from the varieties: Zu tao czao, Da baj czao, Kitajski 2A, Ja czao, Vahshski 45–2, and Wild midleasiatic jujube type were obtained by open pollination. Some characteristics of the fruits such as: mass of the fruits (g), fruit density (g/cm3), mass of the seed (g), and randman (%) were investigated in 7–9 years old jujube seedlings grown from that seed material and planted in the frames of a breeder field. A dominant mother effect in the inheritance was registered in the mass and density of the fruits. For instance: the variety Kitajski 2A and the types from its progeny were characterized by the greatest mass of the fruits, while, the greatest density was found in the fruits of the variety Da bai czao and the types from its prog-eny. The greatest mass of the seed was recorded in the variety Kitajski 2A, while the biggest average mass of the seeds was characteristic for the progeny of the Ja czao variety.


jujube; open pollination; variety; type; fruit

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