Marjan Andreevski, Gjorgji Filipovski


The current paper studies the formation conditions, genesis, evolution, classification, morphological features, mechanical composition and chemical properties of soils formed on gypsum rocks in the Republic of Macedonia. The soils have been formed on mountain relief with steep slopes upon gypsum and anhydrite. Warm continental climate with inconsiderable impact of the Mediterranean climate prevails in the area. The soils occur underneath hill pastures, which are rather poor from a floristic point of view and they are characterized by minor canopy closure. Destruction of the natural forest vegetation and intensive grazing on the hill pastures that have remained following the destruction thereof have caused heavy soil erosion. Our research has ascertained that gypsic rendzic leptosol and gypsic pararen-dzina have been formed on gypsum rocks. Both soil types are distinguished by a light mechanical composition domi-nated by physical sand. Carbonates are present in both soil types in all soil assays while in certain soil assays the gyp-sum has been fully washed.


formation conditions; genesis; evolution; classification; gypsum rocks; gypsic pararendzina; gypsic rendzic leptosol

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