Ljupčo Melovski


This article presents the records about four new Buckler fern (Dryopteris) species for the territory of the Re-public of Macedonia and new data about the distribution of some rare Buckler fern species.
Dryopteris is one of the most complex fern genera in Europe. Hybridization and apomixis among some of the spe-cies contribute to difficulties and uncertainties for identification of individual species. That, coupled with lack of research on ferns in Macedonia for the last 30 years, resulted in a low level of knowledge within this vascular plants’ group.
The field research of the flora of Macedonia and thorough check of two herbaria (MKMEL and MKNH) in Skopje revealed presence of four new Buckler fern species in Macedonia: Dryopteris affinis subsp. jessenii, D. ore-ades, D. mindshelkensis and D. expansa. Additionlly, several other localities for rare species: D. borreri, D. dilatata and D. carthusiana were reported.
Further research is needed to fill the remaining gaps, particularly in relation to identification of hybrids and more detailed study of the distribution pattern of rare Buckler fern species.


Dryopteris affinis; Dryopteris oreades; Dryopteris mindshelkensis; Dryopteris expansa; Republic of Macedonia; rare ferns

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